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Brisbane East Deanery - Acts of the Apostles Study - Sept 2016

"Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ" - St. Jerome

Congratulations to all the parishioners from 6 parishes of the Brisbane East Deanery whoActs sm participated in the scripture study groups which were held at St Thomas Parish Camp Hill over the last couple of months.

Scripture Study leads people to a greater understanding of the Bible, an awareness of God’s living presence in Sacred Scripture and an appreciation of how the Bible can be applied to daily life.

All those who attended appreciated and enjoyed it so much, we have agreed to continue the study starting with Acts of the Apostles in September 2016.

New members are welcome and no prior study or training is required.

More information is available at camphillcatholicparish.org.au or by contacting St Thomas parish secretary -  33981154 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register your interest.

Veronica, Brisbane East Deanery August 2016 


 Our St. Judes, Scoresby Bible study group have utilised these Little Rock Bible Study Resources since 2012 and found them easy to read and understand - especially for lay people such us.

The theological foundation of the materials adds more credibility and integrity to one's understanding and interpretation. Hopefully you can
also avail of it!

VIc, Knoxfield, VIC June 2016


'The Genesis study went very well. The questions discussed were relevant and helpful. in our group we have a Genesis SS smMasters of Theology and Biblical Studies and others who have done extensive Theology and Biblical Studies over the years. We also have some young professional men who are new to Biblical and Theological studies so quite a variety. Again we believe that the standard of the wrap up lectures was outstanding.' 

Frank, Box Hill South, VIC  Mar '16 


‘Intensify the prayer! Only 55 turned up for the opening session. We had 14 apologies! Melbourne had the wettest day since 1916!!! … The rain pounded down for the whole of our evening meeting, but it didn’t stop Catherine Upchurch’s Introduction to Matthew rising above wind and rain! … The Spirit was with us powerfully, as all 7 groups functioned beautifully. There was an ease, a lightness, a confidence, a spirit of good will in the people at both meetings. Father Declan attended his first Little Rock meeting and commented upon the meeting structure being terrific… Every blessing… ’
Keith, St Mary’s Dandenong

‘I am reading John's Gospel with the aid of a commentary and am thoroughly enjoying it ... My understanding of John is much clearer than when I was reading it about 3 years ago. For that I can thank our past four studies, Acts, Matthew, Exodus and Paul. Also all the discussions at Leader’s meetings and Group meetings. I am convinced that the path we have journeyed along over the past two years has been a valuable and spiritually enriching one.’
Keith, Dandenong, VIC