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Resource Overview
The WORD Among Us is a digest-size publication referencing the Scriptures for the Mass of the day, with substantive, spiritual reflections upon one of those Scriptures, and a short prayer. The WORD Among Us includes thematic editions for the Seasons of Advent, Lent and Easter.

the WORD among us
The Spirit of Catholic Living
Publisher: Joseph Difato PhD
7115 Guildford Dr. STE 100
Frederick, Maryland 21704, USA

What Australians Are Saying

‘I just love receiving and using the monthly Word Among Us every day. I just wouldn’t be able to progress long my spiritual journey without it.’
Maria, Busselton, WA

‘I’m based at Palen Creek Prison which houses 130 men. It’s now the only prison farm in south east Qld and therefore is vital for the men’s rehabilitation. They’re entrusted to go on work camp, so it’s great to be able to give the guys copies of the WORD Among Us or the Little Books to take away with them. They use them as their own scripture program or for their prayer and meditation.  
These books really keep them in the picture as the men are not able to facilitate with Catholic Chaplains while they’re away on work camp. Corrective Services now have high expectations of us as Chaplains – we’re part of the rehabilitation process – bringing the Gospel to the men.’
F Harris, Prison Chaplain
‘Thank you so very much. I love the WORD among us….’
Ligia, Burleigh Waters, QLD
‘I enjoy it immensely. It’s what I do first thing in the morning.’
Elsie, Runaway Bay, QLD
 ‘I can’t live without my WORD among us. It helps me in my prayer life and my ministry. I’ve been getting it for years. Sometimes in the past - before you started sending it - it was late - and it was AWFUL!!’ Barbara, Bracken Ridge, QLD
‘I think it’s beautiful. I love the wording of the meditations for each day and the articles. It’s one of my favorites!’
Heather, Mitcham, VIC
‘It’s a wonderful little publication and the people who put it together are obviously graced with the ability to communicate.’
Michael, Toowoomba, QLD
‘It’s absolutely beautiful. You’ve done a good job. It helps me - sometimes it is just like reading about my own life. I just love Joe’s comments.
Wilma, Rosanna, VIC
‘The daily meditations and articles are continuing to help me on my Spiritual journey. I like the lives of the Saints and also the articles written by my brothers and sisters in Christ who have been greatly blessed by the Lord especially in times of great need. I pray for you always and wish you many blessings from the Lord.’
Elaine, Croydon, WA

‘It’s wonderful! The best I’ve ever known and I get a lot of magazines. It’s spiritual, informative … just wonderful!’
Sr Sheila, Kaleen, ACT

‘I just swear by this book. It’s just so beautiful and so realistic. It seems to speak to the person reading it - that’s the Holy Spirit. It’s such an inspiration! I just love it!
Cath, Clontarf, QLD

‘My husband and I find it so helpful. We couldn’t do without it. It’s so Spirit-filled. It’s as if it was written for us on the day. It’s in every day terms - just wonderful! God bless. Heartfelt thanks to those who write it.
Carla, Blackheath, NSW
‘I love to get my copy of the WORD among us each month as I find it most helpful. I pray with it and always find much to pray with during each day. The special articles are most helpful too.’
Sr Leonie, Croydon, NSW
 ‘This gives me an opportunity of telling you how extremely helpful I find the WORD among us and the other seasonal booklets which we have the opportunity of obtaining. I have been using them for many years now and, whilst Our Lord may not be overly impressed with my effort, He will certainly agree that they are instrumental in at least getting me to start each day with the very best intentions.’ Audrey, North Ryde, NSW
‘I really like it! I took it to hospital when I had an operation recently. I’ve been getting it since 1989! I never liked reading the Old Testament stories - they were too cruel but this gives an explanation. It’s lovely!
Paula, Berwick, VIC




the WORD among us
The Spirit of Catholic Living
Publisher: Joseph Difato PhD
7115 Guildford Dr. STE 100
Frederick, Maryland 21704, USA