The Bible Institute Record


Presenter: Catherine Upchurch

Director, Little Rock Scripture Study; Founder, The Bible Institute, Little Rock, Arkansas USA; Associate Editor of The Bible Today; Instructor for Permanent Deaconate Formation for the Diocese of Little Rock.

Theme: “The Transforming Power of God’s Word”


  • When God Speaks, Creation Springs Forth
  • Shaping a Covenant Community
  • The Prophetic Word that Tears Down and Build Up
  • The Word Made Flesh
  • Our Mission as God’s Voice in the World

Feedback: “Fantastic, clear and concise exposure of God’s Word, I have learned so much more about God’s Word, a spiritual experience, wonderful, an exciting experience, met such lovely people, God was definitely present at the Institute, thank you, we need these opportunities so much!”



Presenter: Kay Murdy:

Author, Columnist and Speaker.

Masters Degree in Religious Studies from St. Mary’s College. Master Catechist. Member of the teaching and coordinating team of the Catholic Bible Institute at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California.

Theme: “Apocalypse Wow”: A Message of Hope


  • Introduction: Unveiling the Book of Revelation
  • Revelation 1-3: Seven Letters to Seven Churches
  • Revelation 4-10: Heavenly Liturgy / Earthly Trials
  • Revelation 11-16: Cosmic Conflict: Christ & Satan
  • Revelation 17-22: New Heaven and New Earth

Feedback: “Very enlightening, sincere, faith-filled, passionate, easily followed, clear, Spirit-directed, responsive, so privileged to be here in this environment of the Holy Spirit as love and Revelation are revealed, wonderful, gentle, could listen to her for several more weekends!”




Fr. Ron Witherup S.S., S.T.L, PhD.

Provincial Superior of the Province of Sulpicians, a community of diocesan priests, founded in France in 1641 for the purpose of initial and ongoing formation of priests.

Theme: “Purpose and Passion” - Saint Paul: Re-discovering a Pastoral Legacy


  • Paul the Person: An Introduction to His World and His Letters
  • Life in Christ: Becoming a New Creation
  • Paul the Theologian: Why Theology Matters!
  • What Does It Mean To Be “Church”?
  • Paul the Pastor: Paul’s Legacy in Ministry Today

Feedback: “Beyond all expectation, great, a new creation, engaging, excellent, brilliant, hungry for more, new insights and understandings, challenging, outstanding, a conversion experience, dynamic, deep insights, vibrant, first class, fantastic, not long enough!”




Sr. Mary Coloe PBVM. BA, BTheol. (hons), D. Theol.

Presentation Sister, Associate Professor at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. Past teacher on the Gospel of John at Boston College Summer School, and past visiting scholar at the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkley, California. Author of two books.

Theme: “Make Your Home in Me” - The Heart of John’s Gospel


  • Introducing the Gospel- Reading for Clues (Jn. 1:1-18)
  • Invitation – Come and See (Jn. 1:19-3:30)
  • Finding Living Waters (Jn. 4 -7)
  • Dwelling in the Household of God (Jn. 13-14)
  • Becoming Children of God (Jn. 19-20)

Feedback: “Alive, vital, brilliant, renewed love of the Gospel of John, excellent, clear, most enlightening, enthralling, much more vision, inspiring, energetic, wonderful insights, relaxed, real depth, awakening, absolutely excellent, spell-bound, new understanding, enriched, it was as good as a retreat!”




Fr. Frank Moloney SDB, AM, BA, STD, LSS, DPhil (Oxon), FAHA

Provincial Superior, Australia, of the Salesians of Don Bosco; Emeritus Professor, the Catholic University of America; Emeritus Professor, the Australian Catholic University. Author of more than 40 Catholic books.

Theme: “Who Do You Say that I Am?” - Mark’s Gospel: the story of Jesus and His Disciples


  • Introducing the Gospel – Reading for Clues
  • The Prologue, the Leaders of Israel and a New Family
  • The Formation of Fragile Disciples
  • A Story of “Endings”
  • The Death and Resurrection of Jesus – and the Disciples

Feedback: “Phenomenal, inspiring, deeply insightful, responsive, humorous, engaging, open, excellent, brilliant, wonderful, a pleasure to listen to, precise, well sequenced, very inter-active, passionate, easy to follow, profound, opened the Gospel for me!”




Fr. Brendan Byrne SJ

Rector, Campion College, Kew 1979-84; Member, the Pontifical Bible Commission, Rome 1990-96; Professor, New Testament at Jesuit Theological College, Principal 1992-97; Visiting Professor, the Pontifical Bible Institute, Rome 1993; Fellow, the Australian Academy of the Humanities 1999; President, Melbourne College of Divinity 2000-01; Author.

Theme: “A Hospitable Home for Humanity” - A Presentation of Luke for Today


  • No Room at the Inn – The Lost Family of God
  • Hospitality & Inhospitality at Nazareth
  • Hospitality in the House of Simon and Zaccheus
  • Parables of the Lost
  • Hospitality of the Risen Lord

Feedback: Thought-provoking, gentle, beautiful, excellent, great, deep, superb, understandable, informative, enthralling, insightful, fresh, enlightening, unhurried, understated style.




Prof. Seung Ai Yang PhD

A member of the Catholic Biblical Association, Seung Ai teaches New Testament and related topics at Chicago Theological Seminary. She is fluent in all Old Testament languages and regards teaching as the major source of her energy! About a decade ago, Seung Ai tutored our 2013 presenter, Fr. Pat Mullen – a ‘star student!’

Theme: “Crossing Boundaries Building Community” - Matthew’s Message for Today


  • Who is Jesus? (Matt. 1)
  • I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice – (Doing the Will of God (Matt. 6:9-15,18,25:31-46)
  • The Story of a Canaanite Woman (Matt. 15:21-28)
  • At the End, Who Are With Jesus? (Matt. 26,27:55-61)
  • ‘Disciplise’! – Building Community of Disciples with Jesus (Matt. 28)

Feedback: Outstanding, the best teaching I have ever heard, very professional, enlightening, extremely satisfying, brilliant, engaging, transformative, down to earth, the gospel came alive, delightful, gentle, competent, phenomenal….





Fr. J. Patrick Mullen S.T.L.

A priest of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Fr. Patrick is Professor of Biblical Studies, New Testament, at St. John’s Seminary, Camarillo, CA, USA. He is a member of both the Catholic Biblical Association and the society of Biblical Literature. He is also currently the administrator pro tempore at Padre Serra Parish in Camarillo. Fr. Patrick Presented the Little Rock Bible Institutes in 2006 and 2011.

Theme: “And God said what?” – Dealing with Difficult Scriptures


  • When God Killed Just About Everyone – The Noah Story
  • The War, Violence and Anger in the Scriptures
  • Paul and Women’s Issues
  • Western Cultural Clash with the Bible
  • Why Would Jesus be Baptised? – Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Feedback: Wonderful, excellent, thought-provoking, a blessing, deep & meaningful, profound, enthusiastic, focused, professional, outstanding, masterful, best I’ve heard, humorous, mind-blowing, joyful, delightful, brilliant, simple, gifted.




Most Rev. Mark Coleridge
Archbishop of Brisbane


Mark Benedict Coleridge was born in Melbourne and was ordained in 1974. After working in various Melbourne parishes, Fr. Mark studied scripture in Rome and Jerusalem and was subsequently appointed to the Catholic Theological College in Melbourne. Later, Fr. Mark worked in the Vatican Secretariat of State and was then ordained Auxiliary Bishop for Melbourne. Bishop Mark was named Chair of the International Commission for the Preparation of an English-language Lectionary. In 2006, Bishop Mark was appointed Archbishop of the Canberra and Goulburn Archdiocese, and in 2012 he was appointed Metropolitan Archbishop of Brisbane.

Theme: "Story and Theology of Scripture"


  • The Creation and Fall
  • From the Murder of Abel to the Tower of Babel
  • Father Abraham - The Call of Abraham, The Binding of Isaac
  • King David - The Slaying of Uriah
  • Luke - The Infancy Narrative and the Emmaus Story

: Exceeded expectations, brilliant, excellent, very good, beautiful, deeply privileged to attend, wonderful teaching, best I have ever heard, quite amazing, utterly fantastic, fulfilling, inspirational, marvellous, encouraging, challenging, stimulating, a vast overview, superb.



Cackie Presenter:

Catherine Upchurch                 M.A. (Theol)                             Little Rock, Arkansas


Catherine (Cackie) Upchurch is a native of Arkansas where she lives in the capital city of Little Rock and serves as the Director of Little Rock Scripture Study. Her work involves writing, editing, lecturing, leading retreats and days of reflection, and helping people learn how to use the Bible in simple and effective ways.  She is the managing and creative editor for the Little Rock Catholic Study Bible, and an associate editor of The Bible Today, a journal of biblical spirituality. Cackie is also actively involved in a variety of adult faith formation efforts in the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Theme: "God is with us .... and it doesn't get any better than that!"


  • Jeremiah 1:5, 31:3;  Ps 139; Hosea 2:16-25;  Ephesians 3: 14-19
  • Exodus 3
  • Genesis 12: 1-9;  15: 1-21;
  • Jeremiah 18: 1-6; 2 Corinthians 4: 7-11
  • Luke 4:18; John 13:1-20

Feedback: Profound scholarship behind simple presentations, many beautiful insights to take away,  delightful, challenging and uplifting, fantastic, very meaningful,  enriching, very good,  fulfilling, just right, usual high standard, exceeded expectations.


Chris Monaghan CP small Presenter:

Chris Monaghan CP               BTheol, LSS, PhD                    Yarra Theological Union, Melbourne


Father Chris Monaghan joined the Passionist Congregation in 1974 and was ordained in 1981.
Having studied at the Yarra Theological Union and then at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome and Jerusalem, Fr Chris has been lecturing at YTU since 1987. While he has taught both Old and New Testament studies, the major focus of his teaching throughout these years has been Matthew, Luke-Acts and the letters of Paul.

Fr Chris has also been engaged in adult education programs through schools, parishes and ministry to priests. Making the richness of the Bible accessible to people at all levels is Fr Chris’ enduring passion.

Theme: ‘The Letters of Paul ... his world, background and key ideas!'his world,


  • Was Paul still Jewish?
  • Unpacking the meaning of the death and resurrection of Jesus
  • Paul and his community
  • Paul and his co-workers
  • Unpacking some of the major letters (Romans, 1-2 Cor)

Feedback: down to earth/gentle/humorous/ engaging; Helped Paul make sense/gave me a better understanding of Paul; Energy & passion to bring the Scriptures into current challenges with the Church; Appreciated academic approach/ informative; easy to follow & understand


Sr Laurie brink 2 sm Presenter: Laurie Brink, O.P

Laurie Brink, O.P

M.A., Ph.D., Catholic Theological Union, Chicago. 

A Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa, Laurie Brink is an Associate Professor of New Testament Studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago.  Sr Laurie investigates the ancient social, religious and cultural world out of which early Christianity emerged.

She is an associate editor of The Bible Today, has recorded three lecture series and is currently researching and writing a book on the biblical foundations of friendship

Theme: “Friends of God and Prophets”  The Biblical Foundations of Friendship!’

Session Titles:

  1. In the Beginning ...
  2. Outside Insiders
  3. Companions on the Journey
  4. Passionate Partners & Strangers
  5. The Imperfect Friend
  6. Becoming God’s Friend