Partners in Evangelism (PIE)

The ERDU Ministry distributes free copies of The WORD Among Us to prisoners and Missionaries around Australia and to a few destinations overseas.
These free Resources are funded through the generous donations of our subscribers. 

Thank you for your donation!


'It is with much gratitude that we come to you to thank your organisation and all the people involved in the distribution of “The Word among us”.

While we understand your financial difficulties, we are saddened that you have to discontinue the distribution of this very much appreciated little booklet. It has been a great help for my short homily at morning Mass and an inspiration for my own prayer life.

I ask the Lord to bless you abundantly for your generosity in sending the booklet for some years, please convey our gratitude to all the benefactors.'

With much gratitude,prayer sm

Yours in Jesus through Mary,

+Gilles Côté, smm

Bishop of Daru-Kiunga Diocese


'I can assure you that the prisoners who receive copies of The Word Among Us do so with delight and the feedback I get is gratitude for a quality production.

With thanks for your efforts over many years ...'

R O'N  Chaplain

October 2016


Greetings from Namibia!

Thank you for the copies of the WAU for November 2016. I have read your letter, Bernadette and on behalf of my fellow Sisters and our Formandees, I wish to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to ERDU for all the free copies of WAU all these
years. May the good Lord reward you for your generosity. Please be assured of our prayers.thanks 6 sm

Sincerely yours,

Sr. Remedios, OSB

October 2016


'I have been blessed with receiving the Word among us for some years. I do not even know my benefactor. I therefore thank You very much
for this every month so welcome mail. God bless You and all the ones who make this possible.

Every morning I sit with the Word Among Us, the scripture readings and meditate with the inspiring commentaries. I also like the stories and faith sharings I find in every new edition. I would truly miss this "spiritual breakfast delight."

With my sincere thanks.

I wish You God's blessing and the help of the Holy Spirit to continuing this very vital ministry of Yours.

With my prayers for You and all the benefactors.


bro. Anthony Hollenstein svd

Papua New Guinea

Oct 2016

Oct, 2016

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"You have no idea what a difference the Word Among Us is making in these prisoner’s lives!" 

'Father, you generously give to me;

Let me generously share with others so that your grace multiples throughout the world.'

July/Aug '16 WAU

Your donation will help us send additional Word Among Us to Correctional Centres throughout Australia.

June 2016 SMALLest


Dear all at ERDU,

Great newsletter, great mission. Thanks from us at ... Gaol for your goodness in sending the excellent ‘Word Among Us’. The Catholic (and probably other Christian guys, too) do make use of it and appreciate it. One fellow was asking me some time ago about the Books of Maccabees because of a reference in WAU and I was able to explain to him how the Catholic canon of Scripture was a bit longer than that recognised within the Reformed tradition.
It was a good ‘teaching moment’. A very small example of one of the many good effects of your kindness.

Wishing you continued blessings,

Greg, Chaplain


Dear friends,

I have been a chaplain at ...’A’.... Correctional Centre for a number of years and have benefitted in my ministry there from the support
of having The Word Among Us available to distribute to the inmates.

...’B’... Correctional and Training Centre is about to reopen and it would be wonderful if the generosity of your supporters could make it possible to have the publication available at this centre too.

...’A’.... is a remand centre and as a consequence there is a rather fluid or dynamic nature to the population of that prison. The demand for “the Word” fluctuates somewhat as a factor of the transient nature of the population of residents on remand. That said there are some remanded prisoners who serve months and years awaiting trial.

May 2016 smaller

“The Word Among Us” has developed a strong following among a cohort of the current inmates in ...’A’.. to the point where there is a greater demand than its availability.

Two important characteristics differentiate “The Word Among Us” from other daily devotionals available in the centre; one is, of course, that the scriptural references follow the readings selected for the Mass of the day – the other is the themed articles that are included in each issue.

Some prisoners use “the WAU” and its commentary on the scriptural readings to help them prepare for the telecasting of Mass for You at Home which they watch in their cells. Other casual or lapsed Catholics have remarked how the articles are helping them to reconnect with what they might have been introduced to at school.

Some prisoners even use "The Word Among Us" to help them to journal. Small groups have sprung up in some units and the prisoners will privately reflect on how the various passages of scripture relate to their own circumstances and how lessons learned can be applied in their own lives before having a group discussion and comparing their own take out to that of the published reflections on the daily readings.

All this is made possible by having The Word Among Us available. Thank you for your support thus far.

It would be marvellous if the quantity supplied to ......’A’.. could be increased to, say 30 per issue. And it would be greatly appreciated if 10 could be mailed to The Catholic Chaplain,...’B’....

Kind regards, Jim, Chaplain April, 2016


Advent WAU 2015 smallMessages from some grateful recipients:

'I am a Catholic Chaplain at the ..... Correctional Centre and I want to say how grateful I am for your ministry.  The little booklets "The Word Among Us" that you send are one of my best resources as I move through the units.  Apart from the day's readings, there always seems to be something relevant for a prisoner who is trying to locate a moral compass in his life.  Some have never encountered Christianity before, much less the intricacies of the Catholic Church, and need simple, everyday advice on how to live a Christian life....

God in prison smYour ministry has helped a lot of men find God in prison.  Many thanks and may the Lord be with you in your good work.

Frank, Catholic Chaplain  February, 2016



I just want to say a renewed thanks for the Lenten daily meditations you sent.

They will be a great help to the Catholic and other Christian inmates.

Fr G ... chaplain


Dear ERDU,

Each month you kindly send me copies of the Word Among Us for distribution to prisoners in accordance with the Partners in Evangelism ministry.

This email is to thank you on behalf of the prisoners who are pleased to receive a copy, and to ask the Lord’s continuing blessings on your ministry.....

prison ministry2smallYour efforts are greatly appreciated, and like much in the prison ministry, we do not always find out precisely what good things are achieved but trust that the Lord uses all our efforts to good purpose. 

With ... blessings from a grateful Chaplain.


‘I’m based at  ...  Prison which houses 130 men. The prison farm  ... is vital for the men’s rehabilitation. They’re entrusted to go on work camp, so it’s great to be able to give the guys copies of the WORD Among Us or the Little Books to take away with them. They use them as their own scripture program or for their prayer and meditation.
These books really keep them in the picture as the men are not able to facilitate with Catholic Chaplains while they’re away on work camp. Corrective Services now have high expectations of us as Chaplains – we’re part of the rehabilitation process – bringing the Gospel to the men.’
FH,  Prison Chaplain