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The Treasure Available

Little Rock Scripture Studies are meaningful and relevant to real life.God Word36

Sometimes we’re hesitant about joining a Bible study. Perhaps we’re worried
it will be boring or not relevant to our real lives. Sometimes we lack confidence,
worrying that we don’t have enough knowledge or that it will be like going back
to school. On occasion, we resist because we’ve been alienated by approaches
that seemed rigid or fundamentalist.

The Little Rock Scripture Study approach – prayer, study,  small-group faith sharing and supporting DVD or CD lectures – combine to overcome all of these concerns! For decades, the unique Little Rock format has made learning about the Bible, and its implications for our lives, a rich and rewarding experience of God’s presence and the value of learning in community.

What benefits can you expect if you participate in a Little Rock Scripture Study?

  • New freedom and power in applying God’s Word to everyday life
  • Deeper appreciation and understanding of the Liturgy of the Word at Mass
  • Increased ease in personal and group prayer
  • Greater willingness to serve others in the parish and beyond

The Study Process

Daily Personal Study
For about twenty minutes each day, you’ll prayerfully read and reflect on a brief portion of Scripture. You’ll do this using your Bible and a brief, easy-to-understand Study Guide. You will also consult a short book that is part of your course – a valuable, expert Commentary with solid Catholic scholarship written at the appropriate level for mature students. Simple questions that encourage reflection will help you pull together your thoughts.

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 Weekly Small-Group Sharing
Each week you’ll gather with a small group of eight to twelve people plus a trained Group Facilitator who is a peer and a participant. As you share your insights and responses to the study questions, you will build off each other’s wisdom and life experiences. Your connections will deepen and a sense of community will grow.

Wrap-Up Lecturepicture 2 smaller
As you close your time together, your group (and perhaps other groups that are meeting at the same time) will listen to a brief talk from a Catholic perspective – in person, or via our recorded CD’s or DVD’s. Listening to the speaker will enhance and clarify the themes of the lesson that your small-group discussion has already uncovered.    

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In addition to daily personal prayer, each time you gather, your Group Facilitator will invite you to pray with your group in a simple, conversational style. This easy-to learn, effective method of prayer will become a source of unity, support and guidance for you and your companions on the journey. 


Leadership Training

From the very beginning, Christians gathered in small groups to better understand the teachings of Jesus and to support each other in following the light of His truth. In the same way, the small group is the heart of the Little Rock Scripture Study learning experience.

For more than forty years Little Rock Scripture Study has been successful because it is not only Catholic and authoritative; it is also comprehensive, providing everything you need to quickly start and smoothly run an engaging and effective parish- or small-group Bible Study.

As with any collection of people, a Bible Study group needs coordination and ERDU provides free Leadership Training Resources to simply and easily meet every need:

Little Rock Scripture Study’s free online training produces confident and competent facilitators, the foundation for successful Bible study.

Download free leadership training material now!

  • Coordinator's Manual – A step-by-step planning guide filled with practical tips for publicity, registration, and conducting training sessions. Download Coordinator's Manual Here (PDF 6MB)
  • Study materials for one session of Acts of the Apostles used as part of Leadership Training. Download Study Materials Here (PDF 1.6MB)
  • Recorded lectures for each topic of training. View Recorded Lectures
    These recorded lectures can also be purchased on CD or DVD, if customer prefers (see below).

The enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff of ERDU is available to answer questions.
Help is a phone call (1300 729 671) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. away!


To download video, right click and choose "Save target as" to save the video to your preferred location.


Ready to get started?

For more information or to purchase resources please contact Garratt Publishing 1300 850 878 or click here to visit their website.



Parish Publicity Posters

Promote Little Rock Scripture Study in your parish. Available for free in both English and Spanish.
Click on image to download PDF poster in 8 1/2 x 11 format.

Note: At times, ERDU can offer free Introduction Workshops at Deanery and Diocesan level.
Please call ERDU on (07) 3285 6233 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about these  free Leadership Training Resouces and/or free Introductory Workshop.

The Future - Think Big!
Once the seed of Bible Study has taken root in your parish, pray, discern and plan for a dynamic, growing ministry! The time will come when your parish could be running all three levels of Little Rock Scripture Studies concurrently, at least once a year: General Studies, Intermediate Studies and In-Depth Studies. This will help to meet every parishioner’s needs as they grow in faith. Imagine the eventual impact upon the parish community as Little Rock Scripture Study becomes a living faith journey for everyone!