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Five Minutes with the Word is a pocket – size edition, published by The WORD Among Us, Ijamsville, Maryland, USA. The booklet provides reference to the Scriptures from the Mass of the day, a brief spiritual reflection upon one of those Scriptures, and a short prayer. As indicated by the title, these reflections are intended to take only about Five Minutes a day

The WORD among us
The Spirit of Catholic Living
Publisher: Joseph Difato PhD
7115 Guildford Dr. STE 100
Frederick, Maryland 21704, USA

What Australians Are Saying

I am blessed with a great hunger for the Lord. I am a morning person so that gives me the privilege to use the early time of the day for prayer. It might be the rising sun, or birds singing or flowing water or just quietness, all auger well for me to commune with my God.
When introduced to Five Minutes I was attracted by the picture on the cover: a broken, mouldy, arm chair with a flowering vine growing on it, it spoke to me about being, an invitation for me to come away and be.
The daily Reflection helps me because primarily it is centred on the Word, a short part of the text is the focus. The writer provides me with a commentary; at first reading it might not connect but often after the second reading, lights tend to become illuminated.
I appreciate the real life stories and the sharing of the writer's wisdom and experiences. I need somewhere to hang my coat; always the Text is the springboard and main focus.
Time is at a premium, I find around five minutes daily an economic use of time.
The 'Pray' section at the end is a warm and timely reminder for me when at the end, to lift the encounter, this time of blessing, up to the Lord.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share on Prayer.
 In Christ,

Fr. Kerry (St Clare’s Parish, Tully)