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The WORD Among Us is a digest-size publication referencing the Scriptures for the Mass of the day, with substantive, spiritual reflections upon one of those Scriptures and a short prayer.  It is a subscription mazaine with 10 editions/year.

 The WORD Among Us also includes thematic editions for the Seasons of Advent, Lent and Easter.

Copies are now being supplied directly from WAU in the U.S

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the WORD among us
The Spirit of Catholic Living
Publisher: Joseph Difato PhD
7115 Guildford Dr. STE 100
Frederick, Maryland 21704, USA

Partners in Evangelism (PIE)

The ERDU Ministry distributes free copies of The WORD Among Us to prisoners and missionaries around Australia and to a few destinations overseas. These free Resources are funded by ERDU and the generous donations of our subscribers.

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