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Bible Institute Q&A

Q. “What is a Bible Institute?” 
A. The Bible Institute is a place of learning, surrounded by prayer.

Q. “Does this mean it is more than a learning opportunity?” 
A. Yes! It is a process and an experience of coming closer to God through profound teaching and sharing of His Word.  This helps us to translate God's Word for everyday living.

Q. "What happens at the Bible Institute?" 
A. We:


'GATHER' - with other like minded people
gather3 gather 5 gather 4
 'LEARN' - from scholars of international repute
learn learn2  
'PRAY' - in word and in song
pray2 pray  
'GROW' - in knowledge, faith and relationship with God

 For more information or to download a brochure: Click here

Q. “Does this mean that anyone can come to the Institute?”

A. of course!  

Q. “So, will it be OK for a Parish Priest to attend, together with some parishioners?”

A. Yes! We are so keen for this to happen that we are offering the Institute TOTALLY FREE to every Parish Priest who registers to attend with at least two paying parishioners. We are making this offer in the belief that the experiences shared at the Institute can best be transferred back to the Parish through a group who attend as one Community.

Q. “Fine, but our Parish Priests cannot get away on Sunday, as their first commitment is to celebrate weekend Masses in their parish.”

A. Yes! That is why the Bible Institute now convenes from Friday morning to Saturday noon. This makes it much easier for Parish Priests to attend the Institute, together with their parishioners!

Q. “OK, can you tell us a little bit about how the Bible Institute started in Brisbane?”

A. The Bible Institute was inaugurated in Brisbane in 2006, following a visit to the USA by Jan Heath and Kathryn Robbie. This trip included attendance at the Bible Institute in Little Rock, Arkansas. The first ERDU Bible Institute was presented by Cackie Upchurch, Founder of the Bible Institute in the USA. Since that time, ERDU has convened the Bible Institute every year in Brisbane.

Q. “That sounds pretty good, but most of us are ‘traditional’ Catholics and we are not into ‘Bible thumping’ stuff!”

A. Thank you for your comment! Nor are we! The Bible Institute is a Catholic experience for ‘everyday living’. We seek God’s guidance as to how He might want to touch every person ‘where they are’ on their personal faith journey and we are sensitive to ‘traditional’ desires and expectations.

Q. “Thank you for your assurances. Finally, please can you tell us more about your Presenters and the outcomes of the Institute?”

A. With pleasure! Please take a look at the Institute Record.